About breast cancer, cancer of the liver, cervical cancer, myeloma ovarian cancer and prostate cancer.

Cancer Black Care (CBC) provides a comprehensive support service to ALL members of the community, who are affected by cancer. We offer a safe confidential, neutral place, where service users, carers and families and friends can meet to support each others cultural and emotional needs. As every family is unique, our service is committed to the interest of our service users and their families. We aim to enhance the quality of life by reducing fears, tensions, bitterness and misunderstanding. We assist and encourage individuals to discuss and reach important decisions, which affect them and their families. We respect and individuals dignity, beliefs and culture.


To raise awareness of cancer within the BME community and to influence the information, care and treatment of cancer to ensure it is appropriate and sensitive to ethnic and cultural diversity.


  • That individuals should not suffer from preventable or treatable cancer due to lack of information and awareness in the BME community.
  • To provide essential support services for the BME community throughout the illness journey, advocate on their behalf and raise awareness of cancer among the BME community
  • That individuals and families within the BME communities will not suffer from preventable and treatable cancer due to lack of information, advice and support.
  • That individuals and families within the BME communities will have equal access to the highest quality care, treatment and support which is effective, appropriate and gives consideration to cultural diversity.


  • To raise awareness of cancer within BME communities.
  • To address the culturally diverse and emotional needs of people affected by cancer from the BME with information, advice and support.
  • To provide culturally appropriate and relevant information on all aspects of cancer care.
  • To provide essential advocacy and support services to those affected by cancer within our client group, as well as carers, family and friends.
  • To exercise a responsible influence on the provision of health and social care services; ensuring they are sensitive to the culturally diverse needs of the BME communities.
  • To work in partnership with other cancer agencies in the provision of advice, information and services which are appropriate and relevant to the BME communities?


  • Provide information and advice which is up to date and relevant to your client group.
  • Provide a counselling service for patient, family and carers throughout the illness journey and bereavement counselling as appropriate
  • Provide community outreach work to engage the hard to each community.
  • Provide financial assistance and sign-posting to support agencies.
  • Facilitate self-help and support group networks.

Cancer Black Care (CBC) is a not-for-profit cancer charity established to serve black minority ethnic (BME) groups in the London are. It was founded in 1995 by Isaac Dweben following the death of his elder brother in 1992 from prostate cancer. He discovered there was a lack of appropriate information and the level of cancer awareness amongst his Afro Caribbean Community was very limited and need to be addressed if further deaths from preventable and treatable cancers were to be avoided. Other marginalised groups were also experiencing lack of information and advice that was sensitive to cultural and ethnic diversity.

In 1996 the first branch was opened in Hackney East London. At that time CBC provided information and emotional support for the Afro Caribbean community. The service developed the enquiries came from further afield new areas of the ethnic community and the demand for additional services increased. In response to this the Brent Branch was opened n 2001 followed months later by the opening of the Lambeth Branch. Our services by this time embraced many of the ethnic communities within London and the services include language translation, setting up of support groups and counselling.

Towards the latter end of 2002 CBC created partnership links with other voluntary agencies in Manchester and Birmingham to facilitate satellite services in the delivery of caner information and advice.